Your Massage
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Whether you are ready for your very first massage experience, or planning your next massage session, prepare yourself for a superior level of attention and professional, compassionate care, reserved for the discerning massage client.

As your appointment gets under way, I can have my music playing or you can choose your own relaxing sounds. After a brief consultation determining any contraindications and your goals for the massage, undressing, to your level of comfort, takes place in private. Draping is always provided.

As the massage session progresses, you will be laying on a richly padded table, and only the part of the body being massaged will be momentarily undraped, insuring your modesty is respected at all times.

I aim to exceed your expectations with an intuitive, meticulous and even-paced massage, dedicated to bring about balance to your entire body, one muscle group at a time. You will be asked about your thresholds for pressure and range-of-motion, so please, feel free to give feedback as often as you like, and be sure to report any discomfort immediately, thus allowing me to address your concerns.

Rest assured that every session and all therapy records are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

I realize that in Massage Therapy, trust is paramount. If you were referred to me please let me know, and help others know about the exceptional service you enjoy. Word-of-mouth is what drives Thank you for being a part of it.

If you’re not yet part of the family, text to, or call 407-808-RICK (7425), or use the good old email.